Mats Gustafsson: Needs!

Mats Gustafsson

Format: LP
Label: Dancing Wayang Records

Mats Gustafsson (baritone and slide saxophones, live electronics)

NEEDS! is the brand new heavyweight long player by heavyweight saxman MATS GUSTAFSSON. This studio album comes housed in hand screenprinted wrap-around sleeves designed by Austrian artist Mathias Pöschl. Liner notes were exclusively penned by musician producer extraordinaire Jim O’Rourke. Most importantly, however, this LP is being released on deluxe 180 gram vinyl.
NEEDS! is a duo as much as a solo effort featuring Gustafsson on either his favoured baritone or the unusual slide saxophone (a rare antique instrument) as well as on a small selection of live power electronics. For the first time, he combines both the acoustic sounds of his saxophones with the amplified sounds of electronic devices in the same audio body mixing them as overdubs as well as live improvisations. From gasping to rasping to tongue slapping, nothing smoothes over the up close physicality of conjuring sounds from the instruments. While Gustafsson’s acoustic playing is rich in dynamics with a sense of punctuation and spaces, some of his electronic concoctions are thick slices of condensed, compressed mass.

Where to buy:

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