DAVID S. WARE: Onecept


Label: AUM Fidelity
Format: CD

David S. Ware
stritch, tenor sax, saxello
William Parker bass
Warren Smith drums, tympani

1 .Book of Krittika .7.53
2 .Wheel of Life .6.31
3 .Celestial .6.24
4 .Desire Worlds .6.56
5 .Astral Earth .14.54
6 .Savaka .4.35
7 .Bardo .6.43
8 .Anagami .6.50
9 .Vata .4.27

+ AUM Direct Download Only Bonus Tracks
These two tracks are from the Onecept recording sessions and are available exclusively to those that purchase the CD direct from AUM. You will be emailed a one-time-use download code with your order. We love you too! WORD.
1 .Bodhissatva .5.24
2 .Kama .8.48

All compositions by David S. Ware with Parker & Smith;
published by Gandharvasphere/Daswa (ASCAP)
P+C 2010 AUM Fidellity

Produced by Steven Joerg and David S. Ware
Recorded in (((3D SOUND))) by Michael Marciano at Systems Two Studio, Brooklyn
on December 2, 2009. Mixed and mastered by M.M. at S.T.S.

Cover artwork (front -&- back) by Richard Cohen (thank you!)
design/layout by ming@409

All info provided by AUM Fidelity, please visit AUM Fidelity website.

Where to buy:

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